Our signature Honey Run Granola has an addictive sweet and salty crunch. Its honey coconut flavor envelops a specialty blend of toasted oats, whole cashews and almonds, and assorted seeds. We use unfiltered wildflower honey from Heritage Honey in Ventura for a sweet and earthy finish.

Maple Way Granola tastes like your favorite breakfast cereal. It is naturally vegan and rich with toasted pecans, buckwheat groats, maple syrup, and vanilla. We use Grade A Dark maple syrup from Brookfield Maple Products in Pennsylvania for a robust maple taste.

Our Granola Bars are super satisfying, naturally vegan and abundant with the comforting flavors of roasted nuts, coconut, and maple-y date paste. We use Desert Valley Dates from the Coachella Valley to achieve the perfect balance of chewiness and crunch.

We bake them in a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles and deliver them directly to you.

   Granola and Granola Bars are made with oats that are naturally gluten free, but may have been processed in a facility that processes wheat.

•   Maple Way Granola and Granola Bars are vegan. Honey Run Granola is not, due to the addition of brown butter and honey.

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